Privacy Policy

Last Updated: November 23, 2023

TravelMeetEat, Inc. dba tychon (“Tychon,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) values your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about how we collect, use, process, and share your information when you use our platform, website, and related services.

1. Scope and Definitions

1.1 Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal information processed by Tychon in the course of providing our platform, website, and related services. The document outlines the principles and practices we follow concerning user privacy and informs you about how we collect, use, process, and share your information.

This policy applies to all users of Tychon's Services, including visitors, account holders, merchants, and creators.

1.2 Definitions

Throughout this document, the following key terms will have the meanings outlined below:

  • Personal Information:  Any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
  • Services:  Refers collectively to the Tychon platform, website, and related offerings.
  • User:  Any individual who interacts with Tychon's Services, including visitors, account holders, merchants, and creators.
  • Platform:  The digital environment provided by Tychon where users engage in activities such as content creation, virtual product placement, and campaign participation.
  • Creator:  A user who generates and publishes content on the Tychon platform.
  • Merchant:  A user who uses the Tychon platform for virtual product placement and advertising.
  • Third-Party:  Any entity not directly controlled or owned by Tychon, including but not limited to service providers, business partners, and external websites or applications.

By using our Services, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.

2. Updates to the Privacy Policy

2.1 Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may periodically update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices and to comply with legal requirements. We will notify users of any material changes through prominent announcements on our platform or by sending a direct notification. Users are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy regularly to stay informed about how we are protecting their information.

2.2 Notification of Changes

When we make significant updates to this Privacy Policy, we will make reasonable efforts to inform users about the changes. This may include, but is not limited to, notifications through the Tychon platform, emails, or other forms of communication.

2.3 Acceptance of Updated Policies

By continuing to use Tychon's Services after an updated Privacy Policy becomes effective, you acknowledge your understanding of the changes and agree to abide by the updated terms. If you do not agree with any changes, you should discontinue using the Services and contact us if you have specific concerns.

2.4 Contacting Us

If you have questions or concerns about the updated Privacy Policy, please refer to “Contact Us” below.

3. Personal Information We Collect

3.1 Information You Provide to Us Directly

We collect personal information that you provide to us, including but not limited to:

  • Account Creation:  When you create a Tychon account, we collect essential information to ensure a personalized and secure user experience. This includes details such as your username, password, and contact information. Profile information, such as your name and optional details you choose to share, is also collected to tailor your Tychon experience.
  • Purchases:  When you make purchases through Tychon, we collect information related to the transaction, including payment information. We partner with third-party payment processors, and while we do not store your payment details, we receive information associated with the transaction.
  • Your Communications:  When you communicate with Tychon, whether for support requests, inquiries, or feedback, we collect relevant information to address your needs. This may include your contact details, the content of your communication, and any additional information you choose to provide.
  • Newsletters:  Subscribing to Tychon newsletters involves sharing your email address with us. This allows us to deliver relevant content, updates, and announcements directly to your inbox.
  • Surveys:  Participating in Tychon surveys involves the collection of your responses and any additional information you provide during the survey process. Your insights contribute to improving our services.
  • Surveys:  Participating in Tychon surveys involves the collection of your responses and any additional information you provide during the survey process. Your insights contribute to improving our services.
  • Interactive Features:  Engaging with interactive features on Tychon, it results in the collection of the content you create. This information is considered public unless otherwise specified by applicable law.
  • Marketing or Promotional Contests:  Participating in marketing or promotional contests requires providing necessary contact information for notification and prize delivery purposes. Details may include your name, address, and any additional information required for the specific contest.
  • Conferences, Trade Shows, and Other Events:  When you engage with Tychon at events, we collect relevant contact information for follow-ups and collaboration discussions.
  • Business Development and Strategic Partnerships:  In the context of business development and potential partnerships, we collect contact information and relevant details for further collaboration discussions.
  • Job Applications:  Applying for a job at Tychon involves the collection of application materials, including resumes, cover letters, and other documents you provide during the application process.

3.2 Information Collected Automatically

In the course of your interactions with Tychon's Services, certain personal information is collected automatically to enhance your user experience and ensure the secure and efficient functioning of our platform.

  • Automatic Collection of Personal Information:  We employ various technologies to automatically gather information when you use our Services. This may include, but is not limited to, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, user settings, MAC address, cookie identifiers, mobile carrier, device information, location details (derived from your IP address), and Internet service provider. Additionally, we automatically collect data regarding your usage patterns, such as the pages visited before, during, and after using our Services, links clicked, types of content interacted with, and the frequency and duration of your activities.
  • Analytics:  Employing Technologies and third-party tools for processing analytics information aids us in better understanding usage patterns, leading to continuous improvement and personalization of our Services.Third-Party Analytics Services:
    • Google Analytics:  Visit Google Analytics' Privacy Policy for information on how Google uses personal information.
    • LinkedIn Analytics:  Refer to LinkedIn Analytics' Privacy Policy for insights into how LinkedIn utilizes personal information.
  • Social Media Platforms:  Tychon's Services may incorporate social media buttons or widgets. These features may collect personal information, such as your IP address and the page you are visiting on our Services. The operation of these features is governed by the privacy policies of the respective companies providing them.

3.3 Cookies and Other Technologies

We use cookies and similar technologies for various purposes, including operation, performance, functionality, and targeting. Your browser or device settings allow you to manage preferences regarding these technologies. Tychon utilizes cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies (collectively referred to as "Technologies") to streamline and personalize your experience on our platform.

  • Cookies:  These are small text files placed in your device's browser to store preferences and enhance your overall experience.
  • LinkedIn Analytics:  Embedded code pieces in our Services that capture engagement data. For instance, a pixel tag records if a user visited a specific web page or clicked on a particular advertisement. Such tags may also be included in emails to track message interactions.

Categories of Technology We Use:

  • Operationally Necessary:  Technologies ensuring access to our Services, identifying irregular website behavior, preventing fraudulent activity, enhancing security, or enabling the use of essential functionality fall under this category.
  • Performance-Related:  We may use Technologies to assess the performance of our Services, aiding our analytic practices to comprehend how individuals utilize our platform.
  • Functionality-Related:  Employing Technologies to provide enhanced functionality, such as identifying you upon sign-in or tracking specified preferences, interests, or previously viewed items.
  • Targeting-Related:  Use of first-party or third-party Technologies for delivering content, including materials or ads tailored to your interests, both on our Services and third-party digital properties.

3.4 Personal Information from Other Sources

We may augment the personal information we collect through various channels, including third-party websites, applications, or platforms, and our referral services. It's essential to understand how these interactions contribute to a more personalized and enriched user experience.

  • Collection from Third-Party Platforms:  When accessing Tychon's Services through third-party applications, like social networking sites or third-party login services, we may gather personal information available via your privacy settings on these Third-Party Platforms. Tychon does not control the operations of Third-Party Platforms. Please refer to the respective privacy policies of these platforms for insights into their data collection and usage practices.
  • Autonomy of Third-Party Platforms:  Third-Party Platforms operate independently of Tychon, and their data collection and usage practices are governed by their respective privacy policies.
  • Content Sharing:  You may also use our Services to forward or share specific content with friends or colleagues, such as sending an email inviting them to join our Services.
  • Guidelines for Sharing:  We encourage you to share contact information only for individuals with whom you have an established relationship, such as relatives, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Exercise discretion when using our referral services, sharing personal information only with those individuals with whom you have a pre-existing relationship.

4. How We Use Your Personal Information

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of privacy, security, and personalized user experiences. The following outlines the comprehensive ways in which we leverage your personal information:

4.1 Providing Our Services

To seamlessly deliver our suite of services, we process your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Account Management:  Ensuring the security of your account, managing account details, and preferences.
  • Service Delivery:  Facilitating communication, providing access to Tychon's platform, and ensuring the functionality of interactive features.

4.2 Administrative Purposes

Your personal information may be processed for administrative purposes, including:

  • Customer Support:  Addressing inquiries, responding to concerns, and providing assistance in using our Services.
  • Analytics and Improvement:  Analyzing user behavior, trends, and preferences to continually enhance and optimize our Services.

4.3 Marketing and Advertising

Tychon engages in marketing and advertising activities utilizing your personal information for:

  • Personalized Content:  Tailoring communications, advertisements, and promotions to align with your interests and preferences.
  • Promotional Activities:  Notifying you about our latest features, updates, and relevant offers based on your interaction with our platform.

4.4 With Your Consent

Certain uses of your personal information require explicit consent:

  • Surveys and Feedback:  Seeking your input through surveys and feedback forms to improve our Services and better understand your needs.
  • Promotions and Contests:  Participation in marketing or promotional contests, events, or campaigns based on your voluntary consent.

4.5 Other Purposes

In addition to the above, we may utilize your personal information for other legitimate purposes:

  • Security Measures:  Implementation of measures to protect against fraud, unauthorized access, and other illegal activities.
  • Legal Compliance:  Adherence to applicable laws, regulations, or legal processes that may necessitate the use or disclosure of your personal information.

We prioritize your privacy and are committed to achieving a harmonious balance between innovative service delivery and robust data protection practices. For details on managing your privacy preferences, please refer to the "Your Privacy Choices and Rights" section below.

5. How We Disclose Your Personal Information

At Tychon, transparency regarding the disclosure of your personal information is fundamental. We may share your personal information with third parties for various business purposes, strictly adhering to privacy standards. Below delineates the scenarios in which such disclosures occur:

5.1 Disclosures to Provide Our Services

  • Service Providers:  We may share your personal information with third-party service providers and vendors essential to facilitating our Services. These providers encompass those offering IT support, hosting, payment processing, customer service, and related services.
  • Business Partners:  Your personal information may be shared with business partners to fulfill specific product or service requests. Additionally, collaborative ventures with business partners may involve sharing personal information to enhance the products or services offered.
  • Affiliates:  Sharing with our company affiliates is conducted for administrative purposes, IT management, or to enable them to provide supplementary services or support, complementing the Services we offer.
  • Other Users or Third Parties You Interact With:  Our Services may enable the sharing of personal information or interactions with other users, as detailed in the "Personal Information We Collect" section.

5.2 Disclosures to Protect Us or Others

We reserve the right to access, preserve, and disclose stored information associated with you to external parties if, in good faith, we believe such action is necessary to:

  • Comply with law enforcement or national security requests and legal processes, such as court orders or subpoenas.
  • Protect your, our, or others' rights, property, or safety.
  • Enforce our policies or contracts.
  • Collect amounts owed to us.
  • Assist in the investigation or prosecution of suspected or actual illegal activities.

5.3 Disclosure in the Event of Merger, Sale, or Other Asset Transfers

In scenarios involving mergers, acquisitions, financing due diligence, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, asset purchase or sale, or transitioning services to another provider, your information may be sold or transferred as part of the transaction, in compliance with applicable laws and contracts.

6. Your Privacy Choices and Rights

At Tychon, safeguarding your privacy is a fundamental commitment. The privacy choices and rights concerning your personal information are determined by applicable law and are described below.

6.1 Privacy Choices

  • Email Communications:  To cease receiving promotional emails, utilize the "unsubscribe" link embedded in the email's footer. This action will effectively exclude you from any further promotional communications.
  • Text Messages:  Follow the instructions provided in received text messages to opt out. This ensures that you no longer receive promotional texts.
  • Cookies and Personalized Advertising:  Adjust cookie preferences in your browser or device settings. Please note that cookie-based opt-outs may not be fully effective on mobile applications. Enforce our policies or contracts.

6.2 Your Privacy Rights

You possess the right to control and manage your personal information.

  • Request Access:  Exercise your right to access the personal information we hold about you.
  • Request Correction:  If you believe the information we possess is inaccurate or incomplete, request correction.
  • Request Deletion:  Initiate the process to delete your personal information.
  • Express Restrictions or Objections:  You have the right to express restrictions or objections to the processing of your personal information.
  • Revoke Consent:  If you have previously provided consent for the processing of your personal information, you retain the right to withdraw it. Please note that your withdrawal will only take effect for future processing and will not affect the lawfulness of processing before the withdrawal.

To exercise any of these rights or if you have questions concerning your privacy choices and rights, please engage with us through the specified channels in the "Contact Us" section below.

7. Security of Your Information

At Tychon, safeguarding your information is paramount. We are dedicated to employing industry best practices to ensure the security and integrity of your personal data. However, it is important to recognize that no system, including ours, can ever claim to be 100% secure.

7.1 Data Encryption and Transmission

All data exchanged between your device and our servers is encrypted using robust cryptographic protocols. While this significantly enhances the confidentiality of your information, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee against all cyber threats.

7.2 Access Controls

Access to your personal information is restricted to authorized personnel only. Despite stringent access controls and authentication mechanisms, we cannot warrant that unauthorized access will never occur.

7.3 Regular Security Audits

Our systems undergo regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. These proactive measures are designed to maintain a secure environment for your data. However, it is essential to acknowledge that these audits cannot eliminate every conceivable risk.

7.4 Incident Response

In the unfortunate event of a security incident, we have established response procedures to promptly address and mitigate any potential impact. While we strive to keep you informed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee the absolute prevention of cyber threats, attacks, or breaches.

While we take these steps to secure your information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you provide to us. The dynamic nature of cyber threats requires an ongoing commitment to evolving security practices. Your understanding of these inherent challenges is appreciated as we work diligently to protect your privacy.

If you have specific security-related inquiries or concerns, please refer to “Contact Us” below.

8. International Transfers of Personal Information

Tychon operates on a global scale, and as such, your personal information may be transferred to and processed in locations outside of your country or region.

8.1 Cross-Border Data Transfers

When we transfer your personal information internationally, we ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations. We implement appropriate safeguards, such as standard contractual clauses or other recognized mechanisms, to protect your privacy rights.

8.2 Data Protection Standards

Regardless of the location of processing, your personal information is handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable data protection standards.

8.3 Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about the international transfer of your personal information, , please refer to “Contact Us” below.

9. Retention of Personal Information

We retain your personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

9.1 Purpose Limitation

Your data is used only for the purposes for which it was collected. Once the purpose is fulfilled, we take steps to securely delete or anonymize your personal information.

9.2 Data Retention Periods

The retention periods for different categories of personal information are established based on the nature of the data and legal requirements.

9.3 Right to Deletion

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information. To exercise this right, please refer to “Contact Us” below

9.4 Archiving for Legal Compliance

In certain cases, we may retain your personal information for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research, or statistical purposes, in accordance with applicable laws.

For any inquiries related to the security, international transfers, or retention of your personal information, please refer to “Contact Us” below.

10. Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us at:

TravelMeetEat, Inc. dba tychon


651 North Broad Street, Suite 206,

Middletown, Delaware 19709 USA